Breath controller question

I’m considering the purchase of a breath controller to use it with MG2. (like TEControl BBC2)

The problem making me hesitate in doing so is:

I’m using Cubase Pro as DAW (7.5 to 11.1 pro versions).
Whenever I use MG2 inside there, I do the following:

Add an audio track
Put MG2 into the insert effects
(My guitar signal from that moment on is tansformed into MIDI signals, so far so good.)
In the input devices for MIDI instuments, there now exists a new input device like “MIDI guitar 2…Audio xyz…” or similar to use it as input for a MIDI instument.

Then normally, I add an instrument track and select the new MIDI input device for the instrument as input source.
(Ok, I can play the instrument)

If I set the “All” option out of the list of input devices, the data from the MG2 instance is no longer sent to the instrument, allthough MG2 reacts to my playing on the guitar.

And there lies the problem:
If I’d use an additional breath controller, I’d have to setup the instrument track to recieve data from different input devices, which I’m affraid would not work due to MG2 data would not be recieved by the instrument anymore.
But I have to use the “All” option then, I think.

Am I right?
Do I do something wrong?
Have I missed something?
How do the other chaps do that producing several videos, which can be watched on Youtube?

Greetings and thanks in forward to possible answers

Hi! I’m a long time user of the TEConrtol BBC2 and MG2. But unfortunately not with Cubase. I use Logic Pro, MainStage 3, Abelton Live, Reason, and to some extent also Camelot as DAW. I have never come across a case where you could not combine two inputs to control the same instrument. Is it the same for any kind of MIDIpedal I wonder? Wouldn’t it work together with a keyboard either? I’m pretty sure its a Cubase thing though. Do you have any other controllers as well, besides MG2 at the moment?

I deleted my post because it was posted by memory. Now I have tried cubase 10 and when I switch to All inputs the midi signal from MG2 does not reach the VSTI, so I dont know how to solve your question, sorry.
Will try to investigate and if I can solve it I will post.

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To LoFiLeiF
Just for Info:
No and newly tested: Even without a second MIDI Controller and having the intput of an instrument switched to “ALL MIDI INPUTS”, the instrument track doesn’t recieve the signal from MG2. One has to set it to the explicit built MG2 MIDI output like I mentioned in the post.

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To lovejazz: Thank you for your double check.

Two suggestions:
You could run the standa alone MG and use the controller on the midi input of the ineterface and just go out to an audio input of your cubase.
Or maybe you need to use two inputs like when one uses a vocorder like TO-VOC12 where one input is the instrument being payed and the other is the controlling envelope audio track like a voice. See how the TO-VOC12 is set up in cubase in this link –

I don’t know if it will work with the breath controller

I think I got it.
If you want to send an aditional midi signal (BC or other) to MG2 or the VSTI you are driving with MG2, just create a new midi track, put the breath controller in the input of this track and route the midi out of that track to MG2 or the VSTI.
Thats all.

Oh, sorry.
I didn’t notice (hadn’t been noticed) there were more answers to my question.
Thanks to all.
The idea of routing a MIDI track like loverjazz mentioned should do it possibly.
I’ll try that if i got a breathcontroller.
btw.: Meanwhile I 'm using Cakewalk as DAW, which works much better with my audio interface and has evolved to a descent DAW in the meantime. I think, this problem would not accur there since cakewalk is handling the MIDI inputs in a better way.
Again: Thank to you all.