Breath controller with MG2.21. alone & w Digital performer

greetings all.

Newbie here. I cannot get Midi guitar 2 to recognize my breath controller input.
it works fine in conjunction with triple play, or Jamstik, but nothing with MG two. I am sure I’m doing something obvious wrong. Can someone help? Thanks!

Hello @pje, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t know how to answer your question, but so that someone can help you better, please tell us which OS version you’re using.

I am on a MacBook Pro. iOS 15.

Here again the question: Do you attempt this in standalone mode or in a DAW environment?

Hi Peter,

Apple computers don’t support any version of iOS so I’m going to assume that you mean macOS 10.15 (Catalina?). If you don’t know, you can click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your menu bar and click system info. In any case, the approach should be the same across devices running macOS.

If you are using MG2 standalone, check that your breath controller is set as the MIDI input [CONTROL]. You should be able to map this data within hosted plugins now or to certain controls of the MG2 app itself. The incoming controller’s MIDI should also be passed out to the MG2 Virtual MIDI port (if you select that) and can be used as a MIDI source in your DAW/standalone synths apps.

If you are using the plugin, after making sure that the device is active in the DAW’s MIDI settings, you can assign the breath controller to a MIDI track and route the MIDI to the plugin track, if you are trying to directly control MG2 or a plugin hosted inside it. Alternatively, if you are using the plugin to generate MIDI to send to another track you can either send the MIDI into MG2 (which will pass it on in its MIDI stream) or independently route it to the synth track.

I’m not a DP user (mostly Live, Bitwig and bit of Logic these days) so you’ll need to use your DAW-specific knowledge to make this work, but that’s a conceptual overview to get you moving.

Hi- I hope you don’t mind a very late reply. I am using it with digital performer.
as a standalone it is no problem-it has “control“ option in the midi interface.

But the plug-in version does not have this. How do I route my incoming USB breath controller (TEC) to MG two ?

I am on the Mac 10.15, using digital performer. I looked at the host specific instructions without enlightenment.

thank you for your help!

Hi @pje
The plugin version works a little differently as you have noticed. Since you open it on an audio track you need to route you Breatcotroller MIDI onto that track. I don’t have DP, but in Abelton it looks like this:

1: I open MG2 on a audio track
2:: I create a MIDI track where I choose my MIDI from my BC to be forwarded to the AUDIO Channel with my MG2 on it.
I need these to be record enabled in Abelton, but this will surely look different in DP.

But doing it this way allows for the “Receiving MIDI from host”

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You take a detour over your DAW to funnel external MIDI into MIDI guitar. But the easiest way is of course to set up you instruments on a designated software track, just have the MIDI from MG2 join the breathcontroller MIDI there.

thank you for getting back to me. Yes, I did figure that much out and it works using two tracks. And it is a little clunky.
I don’t understand your last paragraph about a software track. Can you explain that?

Well, I just meant that if you are not using your breathcontroller to control any knob in MIDI Guitar per se, it is often easier to set up any instrument you are interested in on a software track (in your DAW), only using MG2 for the MIDI conversion part.

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