Bug/Crashing Mojave and Live 11

Just picked this up and there’s a major problem when using Mojave (latest version) and Live 11 (latest version).

If I have an instance (not on the track I’m freezing) of Midi Guitar anywhere in my session, anytime I try to freeze any track in the project Live Crashes. Doesn’t recover with time, just hangs forever. If I delete the instance, the session/freezing goes back to normal with no crashes.

Really makes this difficult to use.

Update: when you try to recover the session, you get the classic “A serious program error has occurred…”

So you can’t even recover your work or reopen the session after the crash.

You have to remove the plugin files from your plugin folder to reopen the session.

Did you get the MG right version (ie. “MACOS 10.15 AND NEWER” at jamorigin.com) ? and remember to overwrite the MG VST?

Mojave is 10.14 brah.

Ah, sorry, I forgot. Then you need to make sure you have the older MG version, obviously.

Surely it worked fine back when we all used Mojave, but that was probably with Live 9 or 10.

One thing to try, if the MG VST doesnt work, try to MG AU.

That’s a good idea, actually. I’ll see how the AU does. Thanks.