Bug: Input channel issue: Latest Mac OS; new Mac Mini; RME Fireface UFX

As a test I checked Logic reading Channel 1 and recorded a guitar line and everything is just perfect.

Then I installed, opened, registered and went into settings and there are two boxes on both sides of the page and I set them both to the RME. But the left side only allows ch1,ch2,ch1&2 and the right side opens up another form with both input and output assignments. This is a little bizarre. Oh, also made sure RME was 44.1kHz.

The output test works but I can see no guitar input at all! What am I missing?
My signal chain is guitar->fractal axe-fx III->RME-Fireface-UFX Inputs 1 and 2->Mac Mini USB input.

Thanks for the invite to the beta testing program and thanks in advance for helping me out.

Thank you for feedback. Is this all inside the plugin and Logic?

There is a bug: we forgot to remove the audio device settings when its running as a plugin. But it shouldn’t have any effect if you choose anything in there. Please try 3.0.38 and let me know if it make a difference.

Sorry, it is in standalone mode.

Ah, ok, looks like a problem on my side with those many-channel-interfaces I guess. Got it on the TODO list.
Another user with similar problem:

Was able to select more inputs, but I changed the input to 1 and like I said I can record into logic, but running standalone the MG3 recognizes nothing. Not sure what to do, the far left MG3 form should just work. right?
Mac OS Ventura 13.5.2

Thank you for checking. I have to think a bit about this and I’ll ask the company that provide the middleware for handling audio devices. I believe we had a similar situation with MG2 and some RME cards, and I never really understood why. Worst case, I will get one of those Fireface racks to fix it.

Weird, MG2 has this problem too!
RME Fireface UFX

Is it the first generation of the RME fireface UFX with usb/firewire port? Is your system running on 64bit?

Yes on firewire…but I only use the USB port

This is the latest Mac Mini…I assume 64 bit capable.
Mac Mini Pro 2 - Ventura OS

Yes, ventura is for sure running on 64 bit and if you don’t use the firewire port but the USB port my assumption that this might have to do with it is invalid. Strange problem!

Yeah, works perfect with Logic which is also the latest so I am clueless ! :slight_smile: I am assuming that just selecting the right input port is all I need to do. Well, that and turning it up.

The one thing I remember is I needed to update the RME OS, which wasn’t possible on the previous 2010 Mac laptop I had, so I updated it with my PC. But actually that was all straightforward.