Bug: plugin validation hangs in Logic

Installer worked, but the plugin made Logic Pro verification hang. Tried activating in manually, still a hung verification. Restarted Logic: same thing. Had to manually erase it from Library/Plugin/Components to get Logic to start.
Looking forward to MG3!

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Thanks for reporting.

What kind of Mac machine and MacOS version?

Oh, right. … sorry: M3 MacBookPro, MacOs Sonoma, Latest Logic Pro.

I have plugin crash failed validation as well. I left it scanning plugins while I made tea lol and when I cam back it had finished but MG3 failed validation. Tried optimising latency etc and it still fails validation. spec of machine is:

Model Name: Mac Studio
Model Identifier: Mac14,14
Model Number: MQH63B/A
Chip: Apple M2 Ultra
Total Number of Cores: 24 (16 performance and 8 efficiency)
Memory: 64 GB

OS Sonoma 14.3

Thank you guys.

Im not able to reproduce this here, but I found some cues that may cause this.
I will have an update at latest tomorrow.

The installation didn’t give me any problems. Before using my favorite DAW (Logic Pro 10.8.1) I tried using the standalone application. The application starts, but when it opens there is only a portion of the upper menu and something at the bottom left (see jpg). I guess it’s a registration problem so I click buy and then where it says if you purchased MG2, the upgrade is free. Then a window opens asking me to enter the purchase email and then another window asking me to enter the code sent in the email. The problem is that I haven’t received any email! I don’t know if this is the correct procedure! If I start Logic Pro the plugin fails validation and if I try to check the plugin manually, Logic crashes. My computer is a: MacMini (3.2 GHz Intel i7 6 core) - 16 GB Ram - OS Ventura 13.6.4.

IMAC Retina 5k 27 inch 2017
3.8 Quad-Core Intel Core i5
40GB DDR4 Ram

OS Ventura 13.6 (22G120)

Not loading in Logic 10.8.1
Crashes validation and then freezes Logic Pro. Force restart of Logic.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, but it could be fixed in the new version 3.0.36.

If somebody get this issue, please look at the validation report (like the above post) and see if you can find anywhere it says “FAILED”.

Sorry. No change (M3 MBP Sonoma, Logic 10.8.1) Unfortunately, Logic hangs so severely, that it is not possible to scroll the validation report.

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Yes, it’s all related to the “black screen” bug which not is really about scanning plugins.

EDIT: The new 3.0.37 may address this.

3.0.37 did it! Cannot really test it right now, but it shows up in Logic (and complains about my 48Khz sample rate :-)))