Bug Report: MG2 crash with no WiFi for Macbook

I tried to do my first show with MG2 this past weekend. I had been using it for several months with no major problems. At the show MG2 would successfully load patches twice, but on the third attempt it would crash every time. When my Macbook is connected to Wifi the problem disappears. This is completely repeatable (at least for me). I saved the crash report if you’re interested Paul. Is there any way around this as I would rather not need/depend on a venues Wifi. Thank you.

I recently purchased an M1 Macbook. Same exact problem. This is a serious bug. MG2 will crash every time I load the third patch if the computer is not connected to WiFi. This is not ideal for live situations. Please advise. Thank you.

Out of pure interest: what does these patches look like? What kind of instruments do you have loaded?

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I think you will have some plugin loaded in that patch which crash when not connected to WIFI… ?

MG doesnt use wifi or internet at all other than at startup where it checks for updates.