Bug: UI Scaling issues + routing guitar sound?

hey there,
the UI does not scale with the window size, meaning that the interface stays at a fixed size independent of how big the actual window is. (using an external display)

Also I can’t seem to find an option to route the actual guitar audio to the audio output.

However I just came home to find an email for a MG3 beta invite in my inbox and installed it immediately - I have to say from first testing, the tracking seems great. I think i know what I’ll be doing tonight :smiley:

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Thank you for reporting!

The UI should scale perfectly. Could you paste a screenshot of that UI?

will do.
Is there a dedicated place for reporting bugs? loopy pro has a roadmap website where users can report or check if the bug they have encoutered has already been reported.

just realized that I was the problem, not the program - I didnt notice the “row” section allows for scrolling.
Also to anybody who can’t get their guitar sound through - just create a new patch, it will come with a mixer. or watch lofileifs video.


I’m also having UI issues. It looks like the UI is much too small compared to the screenshots I’ve seen. I’ve attached what I’m seeing:

I’m using Logic Pro X 10.8.1 on an M2 Mac Mini

Too small? The UI looks big on your screenshot. Click the “1 ROW” button :slight_smile:

the “row” section can be scrolled horizontally. didn’t notice that at first as well.

Me too experiencing scaling issues in standalone app.
Some Buttons are not visible.

Apologies I should have been more clear. I’m running a fairly large widescreen monitor (2560 x 1080), so the UI looks pretty tiny.

When I hit 1 row, it makes some of the text (like the CCs in the bottom left) illegible. Ideally the window would be like twice the size for me.

This is what happens when I hit 3 rows, can’t really read anything:

Thank you all.

I’ll look into the UI scaling and rendering issues over the next days. I was under impression it could resize the MG window freely in Logic, but that seems to be broken.