Can I Get An Editable MIDI track out of the Product?

I am very curious to know: is it possible for MG to export a standard MIDI file that can be edited and corrected - the way one can with any standard MIDI recording? As long as the product is sending the complete MIDI information to my DAW, why would I not be able to have a complete, editable MIDI track? That’s actually what I though I was buying yesterday, but I don’t see any way to do it. I’m hoping that it’s just my unfamiliarity with the product because if it actually cannot do this, it’s a huge disappointment.

Yes, you can. In Ableton Live 10 I tell a MIDI track to receive MIDI from the AUDIO track where the plugin is instantiated. No issue at all.

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Also works great in Studio One. SO calls them Instrument tracks, and not MIDI tracks, but they’re the same. Here’s an old video that shows how to route and then record the MIDI coming from MG.

Routing & Recording MG MIDI in Studio One

As long as you’re using a DAW that lets you route MIDI out from a VI (most do), you’ll need to do something similar.

Note how the Instrument (MIDI) track is Record-Enabled from the get go.

Thank you both for responding. I’m using Reaper which has a very flexible routing protocol. I tried every configuration I could think of but it still didn’t result in the DAW recording an editable MIDI track. From the looks of things, it’s my deficiency and not the plugin. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for the help.