Can I play the dry audio signal of my guitar with a midi synth pad simultaneously?

So can I simultaneously play the original, dry audio signal of my guitar AND the midi synth pluggin in my DAW? Secondly does the software work well enough with an acoustic guitar which has a piezo pickup? Thanks

you can mix dry guitar and synth output as you like within mg2.

however, depending on the situation (ex: recording dry guitar to one track and synth to another), you might want to handle the dry signal directly in the daw and use only the synth output on a separate track.

i’ve used mg2 with an ibanez acoustic with piezo and it worked well enough for me. well enough being usable recordings but with the occasional flub.

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Thanks man! Appreciated.

Don’t hesitate to also use the search field to obtain lots of additional information on all the questions you’re asking yourself (i.e. “piezo”).