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Can I use MG2 in standalone mode and receive MG2's midi in Cubase Pro (Windows)?

I do not want to use MG2 as a plugin inside Cubase because I am using it at the same time as a TEC BBC2 Breath Controller and MG2 does not appear in the ‘All’ midi inputs so that means I cannot use MG2 plugin and TEC BBC2 at the same time.

Therefore I need to use MG2 standalone and have its standalone midi output appear in Cubase. Then I will be able to use the ‘All’ midi inputs and so be able to have MG2 and the breath controller sending midi data to my vst instruments (SWAM, Kontakt etc) simultaneously.

Can anybody tell me if they have solved this issue on Windows? How did you do it?

Many thanks in advance for your time!

Check out loopBe1 and loopMIDI. Both are free. I use the paid version of LoopBe1 (LoopBe30).



I had a noticeable latency issue with loopMIDI once (!) that I’ve not been able to replicate, nor have others.

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Many thanks for your helpful suggestion!

I tried loopMIDI as I already had it installed, added the required virtual port inside of LoopMIDI and it all worked perfectly thereafter.

I have not come accross the latency issue you mentioned yet but I have only been using soft pad sounds and have yet to try it with anything percussive or similarly able to reveal such an issue. If I do I will let you know.

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