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Can JAM ORIGIN recognize Palm Muting?

Hello! I am a user of MIDI GUITAR and I was wondering if there is any setup/menu/functionality for JAM ORIGIN to recognise palm muting and assign an “action” or a sound to it. So far I haven´t seen anything like that, but perhaps I am missing something? any response appreciated.

Hi Javi, and welcome to this forum! The MIDI Guitar software is a pitch-to-midi software as you know and has of course no idea of how you are generating your notes. But you have this function in the MIDI FX slot that “send out a MIDI CC envelope that reflects the brightness of your guitar picking” that might be of some use to you?

Hello LoFiLeiF!
Thank you so much for your response! ok, so this is a possibility to use in JAM ORIGIN that to try to reflect palm mutes. Does it send a CC to reflect brightness of the guitar, and I assume that if the brightness is very low then that means that the sound is a palm muting? do you think that that is the intended behavior…?

With many of these things it is only one way to get to know if it works for you, works at all, or isn’t at all what you are looking for. That is to try. I didn’t get that much out of it myself, but perhaps I tried it on the wrong instruments, and/or didn’t try hard enough. It is free to use, and it comes with the app if I am not mistaken. I would be interested to hear if you got it to work for you, perhaps?