Can MG Standalone Send Patch Names to a MIDI Controller?

The title says it all really - just wondering if it’s possible for MG standalone to send patch names to a MIDI controller, eg via SysEx? My controller has an LCD display so I can scroll and select patch names, would be great if I could pull them from MG say on startup.

All advice very welcome, thanks.

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No, unfortunately not. I’ll add this on the todo list for MGv3.

That would be great, thanks. Don’t know how easy it would be, but maybe making the patch names available to Midi Machines and adding some SysEx message capability would let users write their own machines to meet their specific needs? MG is a great product BTW. Came across it entirely by accident and use it all the time now, thanks!

Good idea. We are building an API with hooks for developers for future products, and patch name can certainly be part of this.