Can not differentiate the 32bit and 64bit running simultaneously. Wish for color or new skin

Can not differentiate the 32bit and 64bit running simultaneously. Wish for color border or background or a new skin or something to show which version is currently active. Idealy a background color change would be great or the option to set backgrounds in Midi Guitar 2. It’s great you can run them simultaneously, but gets confusing which ver you are editing. Wonderful program even still.

It looks like you use the 32 and 64 bit in a creative way: sofar nobody has asked for better separation of these versions.
The 32 bit version is meant for users that want to stick with their 32 bit plugin collection (64 bit apps can not “see” 32 bit plugins) or their 32bit DAW.
It is not meant to be run simultaneously with the 64bit version. Also 32 bit support is bound to be phased out: macos will void all 32 bit apps in the next major macos version.

For more elaborate setups with more synths and even running two instances of MIDI Guitar a DAW or live host (Cantabile, Gigperformer) is preferred.

Thanks Paul, I appreciate your time to respond to me. It really is an amazing software, and so far the 32 and 64bit have been working for me simultaneously, or maybe I have had some problems that I did not realize have been caused by doing that. Everyone struggles with being able to tell a 32 bit plug-in from a 64 bit. You really have to pay attention at the time of installing each plug-in as to the proper folder to put them in. What I did do with your software to help a little bit during start up, was to create 2 unique shortcuts with their own name and icon, so I could at least know which one I was starting up. Of course when you go to insert a plug-in they will vary depending on what your plug-ins are. It mainly gets confusing when editing. I recently purchased Gigperformer, but they only work with 64bit plug-ins, SO I am now looking at jBridge to solve my dilemma. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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Inside a DAW, there is never a need to use both the 32 and 64 bit MIDI Guitar vst.
You just load the proper MIDI Guitar vst for your daw, and load the synths on another DAW track. (For guidance see quickstarts on )
If you have old 32 bit synths/fx and a modern 64 bit DAW, you can indeed use jBridge to load this old synth/fx.
Never use jBridge for the MG vst itself, and generally don’t load external synths into the MG vst.