Can not load Roland Sound-Canvas VA as Instrument in MG2 for GarageBand

Hello all together,
I am new her, but I use MG2-IOS since 6 years and MG2 for Garageband (Mac) since 2 Years. In 2010 or so I came to Rolands GR55 with 13pin, and its fantastic that I now can use all my Guitars without special Hardware - MG2 Great Software !!

But now some days ago I downloaded Rolands Sound-Canvas VA (AU-Plugin). It works perfect in Garageband (GB) on Mac. In GB I organised my Guitar Sounds as Tracks. But in GB one track at a time can be active. It makes it impossible to mix Instruments while playing - but thats what I want… (like possible in GR55 and in MG2 => Synth + Guitar)

So I tried to load Sound-Canvas into MG2 for GB as an instrument. It fails. This message comes up: “Authorisation Error - RCM Service not Connected” + “Sound Canvas is not authorized”. IN GB no authorization is asked after the first start. After signing up to authorize Sound Canvas I tried again to load it. Same message.

I planned to use the MG2 stand-alone version for Mac because of controller capabilities. But this actual problem stopped me at the moment. My question: Does anyone have a suggestion to solve this. Is it my own mistake, am I doing something wrong ?

Sorry for my bad english. Hope i could explain so that you understand.
And many thanks for your help !!!

The reason for this is that MG4GB is sandboxed (that’s a security requirement for distribution on Mac Store). Older AU plugins that are not aware of this sandboxing may act like they are new installations with new authentication within. the sandbox, or fail.

So your options are to load the Roland plugin in a DAW with MG, or use the full MG version which isn’t sandboxed, or use another GM software instrument.

if the Roland plugin stores its key in its folder in Application Support, one could try copy this folder to inside the MG sandbox… then the plugin will find its key again, but now its inside the MG4GB sandbox

Thank you very much for the Replies !
@Paul : I will Look in I can realisiert your Suggestion and I will Tell you !

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Hallo Paul,
as promised I will tell you now what I did.
I looked for the folder you mentioned, but couldn´t find it, wherever i tried to look for it. So I decided to use it as a “normal” Plugin in Garageband.
Nearby i found that in GB it is possible to have more than one track in REC-Mode. So I can mix Guitar and Synth-Sounds, thats what I wanted.
Thank you for your time and your reply that helped me to think and follow another way to find this solution. Have a Good Time with lots of Music !