Can not lunch midi guitar 2 on iPad Pro

Please someone help me,
I purchased the full version for ios and I’m using the iPad 11pro
But every time I try to lunch the app, it crashes,does anyone knows what I’m not doing or doing wrong?

Oh. Which iPad and which version of iOS do you use?

Lunching is always a difficult way to start a relationship with an app…Maybe start by asking it out for coffee first. :blush: :coffee:

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I am using iPad 11 pro 2020
iOS 14.2

I’m using iPad pro 11 version
Ios 14.4

Hi! I just updated to 14.4. And MIDI Guitar start up perfectly normal. It is most likely not an iOS 14.4 issue. Did you ever get your MG2 to work as a demo on your iPad?

I just tried on iPad Pro 2020 (12.9” inch) with iOS 14.4 and no problems here.

Can you describe in more detail what happens? Do you see the white startup screen? Do you see the MG user interface? Does it close down immediately?

Yes i did see the startup screen, and the MG intercface and,yes it closes down immediately

Yes I had the MG2 as demo before

Ok, you had the demo and that worked on iOS 14.4? Same setups, no new plugins?

Anybody else tried on an iPad Pro 11 2020? I only have the 12,9" iPad Pro 2020 as I thought its must be almost identical.

My best guess is that this is not a common problem and something is different about your setup… my only idea is that it might be an issue with the plugin scanning in MG - which happens just after launching, when you see the UI. Maybe you have some faulty AUv3 plugin installed. To be honest I think even this explanation is not likely as I have never heard of plugin scanning to cause problems on iOS.