Can only hear sounds when track is armed in Logic X?

Hi all 1st post here. I can’t seem to figure out how to be able to audition my software instrument sounds in monitor mode, the only way for me to hear is for the mg2 track and the software instrument track to be in record mode. Running Catalina, Logic X, UA Apollo twin. Any help is very appreciated, Thanks in advance!

Hello Joel, welcome here :grinning:

I am on Windows where, using several daws, I always need arming track to monitor the source signal, otherwise it is in play mode to monitor the recorded signal (when one exists).

The alternative is to use the dedicated audio interface application: i.e., I use Totalmix for my RME.
Maybe you should route the MG2 signals into the UA console software to monitor it through an equivalent of a loopback function.

I hope a Mac user will help you with certainty.

ty Herold. hmm welp, Universal Audio is very proprietary. I can only load their apps into my audio interface software. I kinda have to do it through Logic. I’m sure I can do it somehow, I know it’s user error . .Thanks again!

Logic Pro X: Input monitoring must be active on the audio track or you won’t get a MIDI signal passed to the software instrument track. And yes, both tracks need to be armed to record or they won’t work.

I assume you’re using MG2 AU and not the standalone.