Can’t get mg2 demo working

I just want to hear it work before I buy it.

Using a generic guitar link to usb device. Windows 10 and the asio drivers.

I seem to be getting input as the chord whell shows correct notes.

Problem is no sound from laptop speaker. Can you help?

moslt likely you havent set the proper output (interface and/or channels)in the ASIO setup.
Use the top most button in our interface section to setup the ASIO.

Not sure what you mean, attached a screenshot

left top: click “driver” and make sure the right interface and channels are selected for in and output.

Still no sound from speakers. youtube audio out is fine. See current settings

Paul, did you see this?

I didnt notice this, sorry…
you have selected different interfaces for in and output: you’ll be wanting to select “Out 2x 44.1-48kHz, 16Bits” for output, if you want MG to work with your USB interface

It hasn’t made a difference.

Let me reverse the question if you had a windows 10 laptop and you wanted to hear the demo version working through your laptop speakers what would you do assuming my previous setup?

we’ve got tons of users with asio4all drivers, so it must be some setting there…
please first check that your windows system doesnt use the USB interface for default audio output: ASIO doesnt like to share the interface with others…