Cannot Find MG2 Plug-In MIDI Output In Cakewalk By Bandlab

I am trying to use MG2 in the Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW to generate MIDI output from audio input.

I inserted the MIDI Guitar plug-in in the FX bin of an audio track, which contains a recording of clean guitar playing a melody. I can see the plug-in indicators apparently processing the recorded guitar when it is played. I selected “Enable MIDI Output” from the VST2 drop down. Text in the plug-in states that MIDI data is routed back in to the DAW. And a stream of Note On and Note Off messages appears in the window in the plug-in.

However, my problem is that I cannot find a point in Cakewalk where this MIDI data is presented, so that I can record it to a MIDI track?

I tried selecting every source I could find as the input to a MIDI track and recording but no sign of the data from the MG2 plug-in.

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Have you tried adding an instrument/synth track, and locating the midi input selector of that track?

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Thanks for the effort of creating and sharing the pdf file but there are a few problems with the file.

The instructions and screen shots extend beyond the document margins. This causes the instructions and screen shots to become truncated. The right edges of each instruction and screen shot are inserted a few pages down.

My guess is the resolution of your computer display screen is better than the resolution of whatever program you used to create the pdf file. Try selecting page setup to change the print settings or print preview to view how it will print out prior to printing.

Ok, reformatted the instructions, here ya go.
Like I said, I’ve had a lot of latency issues when running in Cakewalk when adding multiple tracks, so if you get things to work out please post. I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 1st generation.midi guit 2 cakewalk set up inst 8 2020.pdf (232.7 KB)

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I downloaded your new file and it looks great!

If I can be so bold, may I suggest you edit your original post to delete the original pdf file and make a reference to see your post above?

Back to your original question. First let me say that I am very part time at messing around with this program but I re-read the instructions and think I finally have this figured out. See the attached. I might suggest ignoring the previous instructions and try this first. Let me know if it works and I will delete the other.midi guitar set up 8 16 2020 frank.pdf (445.5 KB)

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