Cannot get midi out from MG2 to an ext synth etc? / Studio One 6 Monterey

Hi, I just upgraded my old Mac to a Monterey iMac running Studio One 6, but now MG2 opens up and plays ok within itself but, it will not route midi into other instruments? I’ve downloaded MG2 for later macs, but still the problem persists!? Can anyone help please? Thanks, Tim

Hi Tim!
Welcome here, to begin with! :handshake:

Let’s start at the beginning; what did you choose here?
Interface/MIDI Interface/Output

Hi LoFiLeif, and thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly!
My options within MG2 seem to be different to the ones shown in your photo? Please see my attachment.
As a guitarist I really hope this can be resolved, I’ve always found MG2 so clever and useful!
I look forward to hearing from you,
Best wishes

Hi @Tim1

My bad ! For some reason I got the idea you were talking about using MIDI Guitar 2 in standalone mode. That is what is in my picture. If you use MG2 as plugin in a DAW (like studio One) you won’t get any options to choose from. In you picture you can see that MG2 says “MIDI output is sent to; MIDI Guitar #1 Out”. So that is what you should be looking for. But I don’t use Studio One, so I can’t really tell in any hands on way how to set up successfully. Can you choose from different MIDI controllers in Studio One? You should have MIDI Guitar #1 as an option there. Sorry, I can’t help you better here. :worried::pray:

Hi again LoFiLeif,

It is a bit strange because MG2 works within itself inside Studio One i.e. makes sound and the MG2 presets work ok, it just won’t send/export the midi data.
Is there a way to completely uninstall / reinstall MG2, maybe this would work?
God I hate changing computers!! :-/

Best wishes

Well, for what it is worth, I don’t think there is a problem with your install to begin with. It is more a Studio One function question. How do you choose a specific MIDI input for any specific track? Is there such a possibility?

Do you use MIDI Guitar2 as an external device? Check this thread, if you haven’t already. Midi Guitar 2 not working with studio one 6 on mac m1 - #6 by Catwizud

Hi Tim,

If I understand correctly as to why I just got a notification, it is probably because LoFiLeif has directed you to my post on running MG2 on a Mac. I am now running Studio One 6.1.1 the latest update on an M1 which is now has the latest update of Ventura OS, both in the last week.

If you get stuck let me know and I can check if my installation is still good as I have been busy updating my old set and have not tried it since all the updates.

Out of interest an old friend that I used to gig with in the UK has just bought the Mac M1 laptop and he has also subscribed to Presonus Sphere, we are using the collaboration feature to sync everything so that when he comes over to see me we can hit the ground running, I am very impressed with it.

Over and out.

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Hello gents,
Thank you very much for all your input, I have finally solved this mystery! Here’s the brief story -

Studio One 4 (High Sierra) to use Midi Guitar 2 -
Add guitar track then add MG2 as an insert.
Next add instrument track, strings, synth, piano etc. Set the input for this track as MG2.

This was simple, and it worked fine on the old system! But, this method did not work with Studio One 6 (Ventura).

This is how I got it to work -
Add guitar track then add MG2 as an insert.
Next add instrument track, strings, synth, piano etc. Set the input for this track as All Inputs.
The important bit - go to Preferences, External Devices and add 1 New Keyboard with receive from set to Midi Guitar #1 (send to - not connected).
Then add another New Keyboard with send and receive from set as your midi keyboard. In my case a Novation SL MkII.

Everything now works as it should! This maybe obvious to most folks but if you’re not that clued up (like me) it’s very frustrating and confusing. It’s so satisfying to be up and running again now and I hope this info helps someone out there!

Best wishes
Tim (London)


Happy to see it worked out! :+1: And thanks for providing a description of how you solved it! It is precisely what this forum is all about. It is by no means obvious, especially as Studio One changed ways of setting up between versions. Much appreciated!
Have a great day, Tim!

Thank you for this feedback which may even help future generations :wink: