Cannot launch MG2 32-bit or 64-bit, whether standalone or in DAW

Hi. First time this has happened. Not able to launch MG2 via any means in Win 10: whether desktop shortcut, Start menu or .exe in folder. The files and license are visible in the folder. Haven’t changed a thing. I’ve been using MG2 for 18 months plus, as a live effect to speakers through an audio box, as a MIDI input (Vsti) and as an after effect (VST in DAW). Suggestions? What would make this app ‘disappear’ suddenly?

Here are a few ways to try solving this problem.

Sometimes Windows updates create activation or recognition problems.
Have you recently updated Windows?
If yes, have you tried to do a system restore from a previous restore point?

Did you simply try to reinstall MG?

Thanks for the quick response Herold. There was a Win update a couple of weeks ago. I use MG2 every day so that probably was not the issue. Reinstalled MG2, rebooted, no joy. I have an IT Remote Support service who indicated a problem ( a disconnect?) somewhere down in the User/App Data/Roaming cave, then did some jiggling and brought MG2 back. I had to re-scan plug-ins - no big deal. But I cannot find the 32-bit and 64-bit custom Patches that I have built. Where are they typically stored and can they be recovered?

Actually, I see the patches down in the User/AppData/Roaming/JamOrigin cave, which Herold pointed out to me in Nov2021 when I changed laptops. All I’m seeing there at the moment are the MG2 defaults and a couple I made today after MG2 was back up and running. I’ll check my cloud backups (Acronis).

Normally the patch directory is: C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\JamOrigin\Patches
Were the patches you saved and lost in this directory? (not User/AppData/Roaming/JamOrigin)

I hope you will find them, then put them all in the right directory.

Hi Herold. All good. By ‘cave’ I meant down in the subfolder Patches. Less haste typing, more precision. I went into my backup cloud and retrieved the custom patches. Happy camper again, thanks.

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Subtlety of the English language that my automatic translator did not understand :wink:

Hopefully you are making backups of your files and perhaps your system.
This is something that is absolutely necessary in order not to encounter any unpleasant surprises one day.
This cannot be repeated enough.

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