Cannot select interface driver (trial, beginner)

No sound / signal in and out.
Hi, can anybody help installing MG2 to my raptop?
I have installed MIDI Guitar 2 to my few PCs. One desk top working fine, so I am trying it on my raptop, but cannot select interface driver on MG2. Although I have installed ASIO4ALL v2, but no driver appear on the topof the MG2 window. So I ticked right top window space “device” on MG2 window, ASIO4ALL v2 apear as a selection, but never being able to select. (after I ticked ASIO4ALL v2, my PC pops-up a window, the 2nd img attached, and then MG2 screen will be back (no “DEVICE” selected), the 1st img.

Windows11 machine, electric violin with analog signal, PC speakers
(The one MG2 worked was on, Windows10, electric violin with analog signal, PC connected speakers.)

Hello @ukkikki welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
Which audio interface are you using? You should set its sampling frequency to 44.1 khz.
Did you run Asio4all install as administrator?

Hi Herold,
Thanks for your response. Here is my answers for your questions.

Which audio interface are you using?

With my laptop, no audio interfaces machine (hardware) is connected, only my e-violin is connected to PC’s mic. (With my desk top, MG2 is working fine with a mic connection (in) to my e-violin (line-out), so I am assuming no hardware is necessary for testing).

You should set its sampling frequency to 44.1 khz.

I cannot select “audio interface device” from the screen, either the latency. Both shows up selections and let me click one of them, but nothing selected once I am back to the top screen. Reset button on “AUDIO INTERFACE” window does not do anything.

Did you run Asio4all install as administrator?
Yes, I am the only user on the PC and I have checked if the account is if admin or not. The Asio4all is installed from the account.

This is normal, this window is only for selection: it shows the various devices and allows you to select one from the others.
If there’s only one, it’s automatically selected and that’s all.

To configure the asio4all driver, you need to click on the “driver” window, as shown in the following image:

In your case, this “driver” window will open the asio4all manager to configure inputs/outputs and parameters.
But it seems to be an issue for you as the asio driver window doesn’t appear on your image, which I don’t understand.

Using an admin account does not mean that it installs a program as administrator: to do so, right-click on the insatallation file (.exe, .msi) and select “run as admin”.

You should firstly uninstall asio4all and redo the installation this way.
This has already solved problems related to the asio4all malfunction. With a little luck, it may work in your case.

Hi Herold,
Thanks for your support.
I have uninstalled ASIO4ALL and re-installed it as admin. (For just in case I have done it for MG2 after re-installed ASIO4ALL.)
And I have started up MG2, but still the same… mmmm…

Sorry, I don’t know what more to say.

What bothers me is that asio4all indicates a sampling frequency of 32kHz, which is unusual.

Do you know where this setting comes from? Normally, your computer uses the Realtek driver and Windows doesn’t have a setting option below 44.1kHz, so there may be a device that has changed it.
Do you have a program or device loaded by default that uses audio on your laptop (webcam or other)?

Did you also check in the device manager that there is no issue with the audio controller?

Hi Herold,
Finally I was able to have my electric violin sound through MG2 on my HP laptop PC.
I would like to leave some notes for others may have similar trouble.

As you have pointed out, I had checked audio controller on my PC, and found out that there is an audio controller “B&O audio controller” installed on HP laptop.
I have tried opening the settings, but it seems like something wrong with it and not able to open it up. So I have uninstalled it. I also uninstalled ASIOALL v2 too.

After the uninstallation of both, I have re-installed ASIOALL v2. Then finally ASIOALL v2 appeared as Audio Interface Device on MG2.
So the audio controller “B&O audio controller” was interfering the connection.

I also needed USB mic & speaker connector. The laptop, HP Pavilion, has installed mic, and the headphone Jack did not recognize mic connection, when I hooked up with Y stereo and mic plug.

Anyway, by uninstalling B&O Audio Controller and connecting with USB mic & speaker connector, will work for my PC, HP Pavilion.

Again, thanks for your support, Herold!
Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy trying MG2.

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I’m glad you found the solution and thanks for sharing it, which may be useful to other users.

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If you don’t intend to play live with your laptop, it’s not necessary to optimize it completely, but there are a number of things you can do to make sure you don’t run into any more problems like the one you had.

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Enjoy MG :smiley: