Can't Activate License

The option to enter the license never appears. I paid in full through the app store, have a license file. I’ve written to your support address, no response. What are the exact steps I need to take?

Okay, so what happens when you click the buy button beside the “Trial version” text? There should be an “apply license” button there as well. (When you have clicked the “Buy” button, that is)

The “Trial version” text should be in the “Interruption” pop up, is that right? I did not see an “apply license” button.

If that’s right, how can I trigger the interruption so that I can check again? It’s been running for a day without that window appearing.

Sorry beside “Trial License” (not version).

Then you’ll see:

Where should the “Buy” option be? (“Shop” opens a browser window to your site.)

i remember someone else having a similar problem which was addressed by running the mg2 standalone version.

i don’t know if that is possible with mg2 for garageband.

So, I made a search and this came up: