Can't change audio input device/ output device/anything!

All I get is piano (when playing the virtual one) and constant demands that I buy this software THAT DOESN"T WORK. Behringer UMC shows in device list,Set latency to ‘64’ both in and out, ASIO buffer @192.

Don’t know what elst to try/change; Perhaps I’ll just stick tp my G700 and forget all this!

If you select the proper input channel, your guitarsignal should get into the app.
Take moderate buffersizes first (128 or 256) at 44k1 samplerate. first step is to get your audio configured.
Stay on the “test piano” patch, that will void the nagscreen.

Thank you, Paul. After three days of frustration and tantrums,I went back at a snails pace and found the sticking point- once you select the interface device there is a sub menu for the device’s ins and outs. Missed that MANY times!

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