Can't find plugin

Hello. where can I find the plugin mg audio unit (costumers only)?
We have bought and downloaded midi guitar 2. We want it to work with logic pro x for the Mac. but we have downloaded midi guitar 2 and we don’t know where to look for the mg audio unit (costumers only) file. please help us.

Apples AU (audio units) have the extension .component…
See where to place the midi guitar2.component file.

hi paul. we know now where the components file is but we cannot find the path in logic x: Copy MIDIGuitar2 .component file to your AudioUnit plugins folder: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ We cannot find this path anywhere. please help us
We have now put it in the midi device plugins folder/ but it does not work. could you please help us. Thank you for your help so far :smiley:

  • open finder (desktop on your mac)
  • hit: shift cmd G
  • enter: /Library/Audio/Plugins/Components
  • hit enter
    Now you can move the midi guitar component to this location.
    Plugins arent installed in Logic specifically, but system wide.

Thank you so much for your time Paul. We can open it now :smiley:

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