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Can't find standalone

Hi, I’m on Windows 10. I have installed MIDI Guitar 2 and it works in Cubase except that to scan my own plugins I need the standalone. Can’t find it anywhere–I might have unchecked it during installation–so I ran the installer again and checked only the Standalone. Still, can’t find it.
Where is it? What am I doing wrong?

If you installed it using the executable, it should be in program files\jam origin\Midi guitar. You’ll find an exe for 64 bit and one for 32 bit.
That’s your stand alone.
If for whatever reason that doesn’t work, search your hard drives for MIDIGuitar2-64bit.exe

Here is the path on my system:

“C:\Program Files\Jam Origin\MIDI Guitar\MIDIGuitar2-64bit.exe”
If you right-click on the application file (either 32 or 64 bit version depending on your system), you can “Pin to Start” and/or “Pin to Taskbar”…this will give you a quick link to get there…

Thank you, I got it. Perfect!