Can't hear the patches

I am using MG on my iPhone 6S with my acoustic guitar and ToneWood Amp. There is a signal as I can adjust various functions, but when I select a patch, such as Test Piano, all I can hear is my guitar.

Your interface is set to “direct” or “monitoring” or something like that.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I’m new to this, so there are ‘Direct’ options in the Master section, and in the Guitar section of MG, but I don’t see a ‘monitoring’ option anywhere… however, selecting the ‘Direct’ option doesn’t solve the problem.

No, I meant on your audio interface. Like a physical switch.

I don’t have any experience with ToneWood, but my understanding is there is no speaker, it vibrates on the back of your acoustic? This would only enhance your existing tone, it wouldn’t likely be capable of reproducing a piano or organ (at least not louder than your acoustic volume). If it has a headphone jack, try plugging into that and see if you are hearing the piano sound.

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. You’re right that the ToneWood has no speaker. When I use with MG alone I cannot hear the, for example, piano sound thought the guitar’s tone hole, even at low volume, but when I use with Garageband I am able to play various midi instruments via the guitar, and the sound does come out of the tone hole, but at very low volume. There is an output socket on the ToneWood, so maybe I need to connect an external amp or headphones? I probably sound extremely thick, but I have no experience of such things, so I am grateful to JamO and erol for your explanations!