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I just want to play “cello” with the guitar. I don’t want to go on spending hours for finding out the way to do. I found the Sonatina Cello VSt forexample . MG shows the plugin , but there is no sound. I am using the trial version. Is that the only reason?To work wirth an DAW is really too complicated, there are always options i can’t understand but often cut off the sound or the sound card.
What shall I do?*

The trial should be fine, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that particular VST.
We will release a very decent guitar-to-cello thing with Guitar MODs - an upcoming plug-in.

A first solution “Cellofan” (free) But it is 32bit. So I took “jbridger”. It converts to 64 or at least Mg2 accept it as an 64 dll. It works

Cellofan is the most basic and simple cello plugin that I know, it has no nuances at all… But I love it and I use it often on stage.
It is free, only for Windows users and only 32bit
You can find it here: Cellofan