Change midi channel in iOS app, only midi output on channel 1


I miss the midi machine “channel select” in the iOS version.
Are there any plans of implementing this functionality in the iOS version aswell ? I see only Transposer, Sustain and Midi Output as midi machines in Midi Guitar for iOS…while the desktopversion has so much more midimachines…

I use the ipad to play hardware synths and it would be great not to change the midichannel of every synth I would like to play in my setup


The full desktop version has a script interpreter, so it has an infinite number of midi machines.
For the iOS version script editing would be overkill, but extra default machines are definitely possible, covering a few basic functions like a channel chooser.
The channel chooser then would appear in the “midi output” machine. that is the most logic spot. Synths loaded as AU in MG itself dont need that differentiation.