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Change presets

Hi everyone! I’m trying to change presets through my Meloaudio Tone shifter Mega. How can I do it? How can I assign a CC # to the whole preset? I would like to have a preset for each Meloaudio footswitch. Thanks in advance!

Hi Raffaele! If you are looking to change presets on the MIDI Guitar 2 software with your footswitch, you must see to that the Meloaudio sends PC messages (Program change/Patch change). Then name your presets 001(name), 002(name), 003 (name)…etc, to determine the order of appearance in MIDI Guitar.

Hy LofileiF!

I want to change patch in Midi Guitar 2 from my Ableton Live suite and my Line6 FBV Express MKII Foot pedal.
I’ve tried a lot of setup but nothing’s work.
My setup in Ableton is

  • My Guitar on Track 1 Monitor [IN] with an instance of Midi Guitar 2 with my Zebra 2 vst for the sound i need
  • On this track i made an Instrument Rack with 2 chains, One for my Clean sound and another one for Midi Guitar. The switch between the tow is ok, i use the chain selector with one of my slot on my Foot pedal
  • in Midi Guitar 2 patch list, i created 3 sounds, 001 Cello, 001 Flute, 002 Vibes
  • on a midi track, the midi signal come from Midi Guitar #1 and i hear the sound i play.
  • On that track i created 3 Dummy clips with the Program Change to launch the patchs from my pedal, but it doesn’t work at all.