Choosing audio output channel

I use a Mackie Onyx Producer 2x2 interface. I use MG2 standalone, and I want it to only output the audio to the Right Channel (Channel 2 of 2). But the only output channel choice that appears is “OUT 1/2” and it outputs to both channels. Isn’t there a way to choose which channel the output will to go to? When I get a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre, will it force the output to all 8 channels simultaneously? Only my dry guitar needs to come out the Left Channel 1, not a mix of guitar and MG2.

No, it will always output stereo, unless you use a DAW where you can configure channels.

An alternative ( particularly useful on stage) is to use a vst host, which enables using as many plugins as you need.
Depending on your OS, Mainstage , Cantabile or Gig Performer are powerful apps.
On Windows, Vst Host is a free software that can be easily used on stage too.

Thanks. My DAW can configure channels, but the input to my DAW is the two output channels from the 2x2 interface. If the output from MG2 is sent to both output channels, then whichever one I choose is going to have the MG2 signal included. If I want my dry guitar or another input to come out of either channel, it is going to be mixed in with the MG2 output. I could live with stereo (2 channels), but if MG2 is going to come out of all 8 output channels of the interface I plan to get, it’ll make it impossible to use the channels for anything else. The DAW can choose the channels, but if they all have MG2 output in them, the channels can;t be used for anything else. Will there be any way to restrict the MG2 output to 2 out of 8 channels?

If using a daw, you just use MG2 plugin, not standalone.
Have a look here to see the way it works : MG2 & daws

Thanks a lot, Harold. I’ll retry that. I got MG2 working as a VST plugin for Piano and the other built in plugins, but I couldn’t get the wonderful SWAM sax samples to work, because they require the breath controller to get any sound. I couldn’t add the TECrontrol breath controller to the effects.

Nico - Did you figure this out?! - I have the same issue although im using Studio One…
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Kevin T.