Chords using Midiguitar


I am a new user to midiguitar and think it’s an absolutely wonderful product. I produce electronic dance music and am using the midiguitar vst in ableton. I am noticing the chord functionality is not that great. It’s not picking up the audio to midi as well as it does with single notes. Are there any suggestions or settings I should tweak?

strummed chords are hard to convert. On the other hand do strummed chords sound strange on other instrument even if they are correctly converted. Generally strummed chords on guitarsynths are only used with slow attack pad/strings sounds.
The best way to use MG for polyphony is to chose about 3, 4 notes of a chord for playing. This will get you much closer to a keyboard voicing and will also convert better.
Added bonus: if you choose your notes you will instanty get better voices with a clear direction.


I found that it is much better with the pad and slow attack instruments. Also, when playing around on the guitar, it is quite sensitive and seems to pick up a light touch on the guitar. Other than that, really awesome plugin

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