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Cleaning external plugins

Hello everyone!
I really love MIDI bass and Guitar.

Unfortunately, playing with plugins and trying to put them in a common folder, I cannot anymore tell the software not to load them… But let me explain.

I selected the many folders MIDI Guitar had to load the pluginsfrom. And, with some new exceptions, it did It and they play fine. Now the problems came when I tried to remove some of the watch folders. No matter the folders disappear from the list (which I save), and no matter if I clean the plugin list, the plugins reappear when I make a search.
in correspondance of any plugin i see the folder It belongs to, even if the folder list where to look for the plugins is empty.

And the plugins still work…

I tried to uninstall and reinstall again MIDI Guitar, even cleaning the registers but no way!

Did anyone had the same issue?

Please go to MG => Preferences => Open Data Folder => Plugins64. Then close MG. In the folder you have a small file for each detected plugin. You can delete any of those files and the plugins should disappear from MG.