Clicks in audio

Sounds like a buffer problem … anyone else having this issue?

Hello @Ilbastardo , welcome to this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

“- Doctor, I have a headache, is it coming from the brain?”

Just kidding, but agree that it’s hard to answer your question without any information about your configuration:

  • Mac or Windows?
  • what OS version?
  • Standalone or plufgin version?
  • If plugin, in wich app?
  • what interface audio?
  • buffer settings?
  • fx and instruments used in MG2?

I’ve had this issue when having a browser (Firefox) open (specifically YouTube) This was more common in the Adobe Flash days but its even happening with HTML5.

It’s really common I’ll have MG2 (standalone) open to play along with backing tracks (via youtube) for practice/jam once in awhile and I noticed clicks in the audio during these times. Once the browser is closed they usually go away. This may not be your issue tho.

Do you have browser open with tabs while this is happening? If not, I’d try troubling shooting by adjusting buffer settings, 128 works best I find. Lower = clicks and pops at times I’ve noticed. But that’s to be expected.

Also, is your audio interface driver up to date? There’s many possibilities for the clicks. Annoying indeed.