Compatibility issue with MIDI Guitar 2, Pro Tools, Windows, and Steinberg UR44C?

While I can use the standalone version of MIDI Guitar 2 just fine, I am unable to get it to work in Pro Tools despite doing my best to follow the directions on this site. Really hoping that someone here will be kind enough to help me.

In terms of my tech specs, I have MIDI Guitar 2.2.1, Pro Tools 2022.10, Windows 11, a Steinberg UR44C audio interface, and the loopMIDI virtual driver.

Even though the standalone version of MIDI Guitar 2 works fine on its own, I cannot get it to work properly when I try to run it with Pro Tools. The specific issue is that when I click in the Device field, it will not load the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO option, which is the one that I need to use my UR44C. I can select this option when I am using MIDI Guitar 2 on its own, but not when I am trying to use it simultaneously with Pro Tools.

Elsewhere in this forum, I saw a post that suggested that perhaps Steinberg ASIOs do not allow for multiple simultaneous users in Windows. If this is true, then I guess that would imply that MIDI Guitar 2 will not let me choose this ASIO since Pro Tools is already using it. Does anybody know if this is indeed correct?

If that is correct, is there any workaround for me here, or is my configuration simply not compatible?

Also worth mentioning, I have updated to the UR44C’s latest firmware and driver, but obviously it made no difference.

Thanks so much for your time and help!

Hello Jonah, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that it’s the driver asio problem that is at issue.
I myself have replaced my UR22C with an audio interface that has multiclient asio drivers.

There are solutions to avoid changing hardware, you can read this article about 3 useful applications.
The article is aimed at users of Gig Performer, a plugin host software, but the example works for any other asio applications.

I used Asio Link Pro successfully before changing audio interface, Asio4all is less efficient and prone to crashes, I have never used Blue Cat’s Connector which is famous, not free but cheap.

How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows

Hey, thanks so much for your reply and for this information! Finally having an explanation certainly helps, as I was really confused and at a loss. Without having yet read the article you sent me, I am leaning towards checking out Blue Cat’s Connector, as I have a couple of their other products and am happy with them, but I will certainly read the article before purchasing anything. Thanks again!