Complicated Question about handling 8 string guitar

MIDI Guitar can’t handle 7/8 string guitars (the me years ago promised extension for that hasn’t appeared yet)
MIDI Bass is monophonic

Whats going on:
I’ve tryed to split the outgoing signal from my 8 string guitar to MIDI Guitar and MIDI Bass. My 8 string guitar has an additional B string and another low E string as the lowest note.

I’m using two MIDI machines to prevent unwanted sent notes on each channel. I managed to get only pitches < 40 from MIDI Bass sent to DAW and pitches > 39 from MIDI guitar sent to DAW on different channels.

The actual Problem:
I’m playing only one note at a time on the two low strings. So monophonic mode in MIDI Bass is no problem in the case I only play bass notes.
But if I play them together with higher notes in chords, the bass notes are blocked because MIDI Bass prefers the higher notes to be transformed.

Does anybody know, how to block higher frequencies for the input of MIDI Bass?
I’ve tryed EQing, Compressing and so on, but the higher notes are still recieved by MIDI Bass, which results in weird stuttering basses or even not appearing basses.

The Task is to only send bass notes to MIDI Bass.

Thanks for any upcomig ideas

just wait for midi guitar 3 release, it will solve all the issues youve mentioned.

Oh, that sounds (reads) very nice. I’ve already read the announcements for Version 3, which made me real curious. I’ll be patient…
And: Many thanks for the quick reply.

Speculation, or do you have inside knowledge?

i asked jam origin lol

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just to let you know that I have the same problem with a 7 string bass… I wait for 3.