Connecting MG2 with looper and foot controller for live performance

Hello everyone,
I wanted some advice on how to use a foot controller to change patches in MG2(both standalone and plugin). I am using it on FL Studio for Win 10. Also, can MG2 be connected to software loopers like Mobius and get the foot controller to control both Mobius and MG2? I want to use it for live performances and be able change patches and loop on the go using the FC. Thanks!

Wouldn’t you want to change patches of your virtual instrument instead of MG2?

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Yes that too. I am trying out all the DAWs to check which works the best in this case. Wondering how effective Gig Performer is.

You can also automate patch changes in Ableton, so you wouldn’t have to manually change the instruments, if you’re in to that.

Using MG now for several years with DAWs and host plugins, I realise that there are several ways to approach the configuration of all these elements, it will depend on the following priorities:

  • lightening the CPU load
  • reducing RAM usage
  • ergonomics of the way apps and MIDI controllers are used.

I use Gig Performer as an example, which I use live all the time.

  • If the CPU is overloaded, you might want to consider to use the standalone version of MG: this way MG runs in a completely separate space and your CPU is able to offload its processing out of your normal audio process thread which helps with the overall performance. Additionally, this will allow you to globally adjust the desired options in MIDI Guitar 2.

If you need to use the MG’s plugin version you can uses several instances of Gig Performer, this way each instance of Gig Performer will use a different processor core.

  • If the RAM usage is too heavy, “predictive loading” is a Gig Performer function which allows to load in memory only a selected number of “rackspaces” (= “patches” in MG) preceding and following the active one.
    This is useful when using huge sample libraries in Kontakt or other similar plugins.

  • If CPU and RAM are not a problem, using MG as a plugin in Gig Performer is the simplest way to take advantage of the possibilities offered by Gig Performer to uses MIDI controllers:
    In this case, a simple press on a footswitch can change the complete configuration of all the plugins while triggering the start or stop of a looper with the same footswitch, and many other things too.

And if many other things are possible, what is not possible can still be done by means of scripting, as in MG with the Midi Machines.

I use a hardware looper as the final stage in my set up just before a Mackie thump 12 PA speaker as amp. since all audio processing goes through my laptop (surface pro 4 in tablet mode.). I have a Beringer fcb1010 foot controller for changing individual patches and also software vst effects. Although I have used DAWs for recording in the past and I don’t perform or record professionally, this new setup works great for figuring out different arrangements quickly and easily. By building up your own backing tracks this way in a looper that allows saving, you become your own one man band. By using a hardware looper for output you take a big load off your cpu.
I use a Digitech Jamman XT Solo which has up to 100 slots in limited internal memory and an additional 100 on micro SD card limited only by the size of memory on card. Now I understand that this model has been discontinued by Digitech but I’m sure has been replaced by something much better.
My entire set up is mounted on and around a single Mike stand. I hope this gives you some ideas.

Regards, Max