Connecting midi guitar 2 to jam stick creator studio

Does anyone know how I use midi guitar 2 with Jamstik creator software.

Hello @Jampaul11 welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:.

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This link and its continuation found thanks to the search field will enable you to contact a user who may be able to help you (even if they talk about MG3):

Hey, my suggestion to you would be to try to use it with MG3 beta version or wait for the the full version to release. The creator software is MPE as is MG3, but MG2 is not. You would not be getting the full experience with the MG2 with MPE software! Let me know if you have any questions! Hope that helps!

Hi I have both but how do I get MG3 to feed through Jamstik :+1:

You have add Jamstik Creator as an instrument plugin.

However I found that MPE isn’t working quite right even if MPE is selected in Jamstik Creator. Multi string bends are not working, single bends do.

Edit: I have to correct my statement above. Most polyphonic presets do support double string bending.

Also, try toggling between MIDI Compatibility mode in Jamstik Creator, I forget which seems to work better but certainly worth trying both! Edit: remember to make sure pitch bend ranges match!