Connecting to Garageband on IOS version of Midi Guitar? [SOLVED]

Hi is their a tutorial on connecting to Garageband on the IOS. The interface in the latest version has changed dramatically - doc says

Virtual MIDI Setup

The most compelling way to use MIDI Guitar is to let it drive another iOS synth. This way, MIDI Guitar output MIDI via Apple’s Virtual MIDI standard to any synth or DAW app.

  1. Select the “External MIDI Output” patch.
  2. Find the yellow “MIDI Output” MIDI Machine. Press it, and you should see a screen where “Virtual MIDI” is selected by default. This will create a new MIDI route and send MIDI to it.
  3. In your synth app, you need to make sure it will listen to MIDI from “MIDI Guitar”. If there is no such option in the synth, it will most likely listen to any one, and thus you don’t need to do anything. Garageband (and many other apps) will listen to any MIDI device, so here you can omit step 3.

But Is their a doc with pictures?
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we’re still working on more documentation.
Here is the beta pdf:
MG2.5beta.pdf (763.7 KB)