Controlling third-party apps with breath control

I am new to MIDI Guitar 2. Trying to use audio modeling instruments with stand alone MIDI Guitar 2, I find that only the flute will recognize breath control. All other audio modeling instruments that I have tried do not pass this through. Weird.
I am using a midi hub USB to bring the breath, control, and other controllers into the computer. I have it selected in control/midi interface of MIDI Guitar 2. Any Channel. How can this be? Any ideas? Many thanks!
ps-also can’t figure out how do do this when used as a plug in of Digital Performer.

Hi @pje

All Audio Modeling instruments can be controlled just fine with a breath controller in MG2. It must be a settings issue. What breath controller are you using, and what MIDI Mapping presets are you using in the Audio Modeling instruments?

If you are unfamiliar with the MIDI Mapping concept, I did this two-part series about SWAM instruments and their settings a while ago as a place to start:

Thanks for the response.
I use the TEC four-way breath controller. I’ve been using it live and I’m very familiar with mapping on audio modeling, as I know you are from previously watching your videos. (For which I thank you by the way.)
I use with digital performer as a host And have used triple play for years.

But with MG two as a host, I can’t always get the BC to be passed onto the audio modeling app. And I’m not sure why. As I said, it works with the flute But not with any others I have tried.

and I am not clear on using This set up within a host like digital performer. I initially got it to work using two separate tracks, but I can’t seem to replicate it, ha ha on me. So if you have any clear solution to this, it would be well appreciated.
Thanks, Peter.

Ok, so have you tried skipping the hub? I know I can’t use the USB ports on my keyboard for the BBC2, for instance. I think it’s a power issue.

I can’t help you with DP unfortunately. I only use Abelton, Logic and Reason. Sorry

I assume you are referring to the breath control.

I am using MG to standalone. I have tried plugging the TEC breath control directly into the computers USB. It shows up as an option in MG two under control and is chosen. The result is that it will control various options in MG two, but does not get passed on to my chosen Swam instrument which is programmed to respond to breath control.
How is this done? I must be missing something obvious.

I can’t answer my own question; MG two is not compatible with Sonoma.It works onCatalina

Are you hosting the SWAM instrument in MG2? Or are you setting this up with both MG2 and the SWAM Flute as two separate standalone applications?

Assuming that is the case, wouldn’t you connect the breath controller to the SWAM instrument directly and feed in the note on/off MIDI data from MG2?

I don’t use any SWAM instruments, so forgive my ignorance if I’m missing something obvious.

FWIW, I’m running MG2 on Sonoma daily, no issues, so I can verify it’s compatibility though it does some weird graphics stuff occasionally in the plugin scanning/database window.

Even if you are using MG2 in standalone mode, as well as any SWAM instrument in standalone alongside that, the Breath controller info (or whatever controller you have chosen in MG2:s MIDI INTERFACE/CONTROL slot) should be passed on to the instrument. I just tested with a few different controllers and it all worked (on Ventura 13.4). But try setting up with the double MIDI input in your SWAM instrument anyway to test if there is any difference.

(Another thing, I am assuming you are using your Breath controller with CC2 here?)

I am using the SWAM instrument as a plug-in of MG two.
so do I understand that you are in Sonoma successfully using plug-ins controlled by continuous controllers from a different source as I am doing?

It didn’t work for me, but as soon as I tried it in Catalina, it worked.
curious. also, my older computer is an Intel chip, while the Sonoma computer is the new mac chip.

MG2 hosting SWAM, controlled via breath controller, works here on a intel iMac on Sonoma without issues.

I just tested this on an M1 MacBook Air (Sonoma) and an older Intel MacBook Pro (Ventura).

I used CC#1 and CC#2 envelopes generated in Live 12 sent on the IAC MIDI Driver to MG2’s Control input.

On both devices, both CCs pass to MG2 and then on to the MG2 Virtual Output as expected. This is clearly visible in a MIDI monitor application.

Notably, I initially had an issue where I had a MIDI Machine active (that I foolishly was not paying attention to!) with CC#1 assigned and, as such, CC#1 was getting blocked at the MG2 Virtual Output. I couldn’t understand why it was not passing through to the loaded synth plugin (I couldn’t see the GUI mod wheel moving) or the virtual output.

So, I’d suggest checking that you do not have a CC#2 assignment somewhere in MG2 that is blocking the CC from passing through.

Thank you. I will check that.

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