Convert pre-recorded guitar to MIDI track?

Greetings, all! I’m trying to decide whether to buy the MIDI guitar product and it really comes down to one feature.

Is it possible for me to take a pre-recorded guitar part and convert that to a MIDI track? That is, I don’t need this to “drive” another sound, just need a track with MIDI notes out of it. Is that possible?

Incidentally, if it matters, I use Cakewalk Sonar.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to offer!


I have a similar question:
I want to drive MG2 from pre-recorded tracks (in Logic Pro X) into AmpleSounds acoustic/electric guitars and basses. I will also want to use MG2 for live tracks into LPX thru Ample Sounds, too. I expect MG2 will crete the MIDI files needed to do both, but I’d love confirmation before I jump in!


MG2 VST/AU plugins works with whatever audiosignal comes in, be it from disk or from live input.
For info about supportive DAW’s and quickstarts, see
All major DAW’s ( to name the most important: Logic, Cubase & studio One ) work with MG:

Same question, how to get a midi file from an pre recorded track. If mg2 needs to be on a record enabled track to work, then how can you record a resultant midi track also at the same time-thanks

mg2 doesnt need to be on a record enabled track.
the record requirement is only to get external signal into MG. When there is recording on the track, this will be fed to MG automatically, like with any other plugin.

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If the pre recorded audio track is not record enabled, with mg2 as a plug in, the audio track does not play at all. Using MOTU DP 9.52, Mac OS 10.14, iMac 8 core i9.
The track Plays if I remove mg2 from the track plugins. Thanks

the audio track plays, but MG is quiet per default. If you open it, you’ll see it generating midi notes.

Made a screen recording.
MG2 instance on AC1 track.
When playing without record enable, there is no midi activity.
When record enabled, there is midi activity.

It is hard to see the details in the vid.
Here is my best guess.
There are generally 2 places where you can place VST’s in DAW’s
1)-in the input chain: the fx is applied before recording: the output of this is recorded. This fx will therefore not work on playback.
2)-in the output chain: the fx is applied when played back.
Note that 2 is the desirable spot! it will work while recording AND while playing back a track.
Your story indicates that you have MG loaded on the input side, whereas it should be loaded on the output side of the track.

Thanks Paul,
There are four slots for plug ins in DP, all pre.
I’ll see if there’s a way to put it post, unless you already know of a way.
Not at computer now will try later.

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Paul there is an option in DP to change effect inserts to post fader, and it did solve the problem.
Curious though as to why MG2 mutes the audio in the track. Being that there is a mix control why not have the track play.

nice you have it working!
if you open the MG plugin, you can load the DIRECT effect in 2nd guitar fx slot if you want pure monitoring, or any other FX in any other slot to activate the guitarchannel.