Converting Audio to MIDI

I have an audio guitar track that I want to convert to MIDI. How do I set this up in Digital Performer 11.11?

Hi Michael! Did you have a chance to look at the setup in the DAW guides yet?

If you can’t find an answer using the procedures used for the other daws, pretend you want to use your daw to record your guitar but put your file on the guitar track instead, that track in play mode, then start recording.

Hey… Depending on the DAW you’re using, some of them support ARA and include Melodyne features. (I recommend this tool, it is an essential tool for perfecting your sound/recordings) pitch, timing, length and can convert an Audio Track to a MIDI track; for guitar it’s perfect; Imagine singing a melody into a mic, and recording that audio; you move the Audio Track on top of a MIDI track, and the conversion is automatic. MIDI; if your MG2 is set up (the VST pull down in the middle left top) it will allow you to force MG2 to MIDI In and MIDI Out. Once you do that, and depending on your DAWs process for routing the MIDI track back into MG2 (sometimes you need a special loopback device, but most DAWs will use the already defined MIDI ports and channels). But I highly recommend the $99 bux for Melodyne Essential, you will be blown away at it’s power to polish your songs brilliantly, timing, pitch, match project BPM… all in there.

Cheers, hope that inspires you.