Could the Deep Expressor emulate an EH Pog or Hog

It seems like the Deep Expressor would be the most suitable existing plugin to be further developed in order to be able to do a software emulation of an EH Hog or Pog which would be awesome.
It would also be great to have a Freeze function that could be turned on and off via midi.

Any chance of this?

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Deep Expressor as such is not a POG/HOG kind of effect, because it uses the midi data for intelligently filtering the original guitar audio.
We however do have POG/HOG variations (in fact much broader versions) here in our lab, we’re just not too sure whether there is much demand for it.
There is a thin line between having ultrafast midi and every possible sound via normal synths, or having direct synthesis with a limited soundset, but with directer playfeel.
We have both options in our lab, and we dont know exactly what will come out of it. It might be a mix of both, it is too early to tell, since we’re working on the ultrafast midi and the result thereof will tell much about the direct synthesis method we’d use for Deep FX in MG3.

Thanks Paul for sharing what you have been experimenting with. This sounds exciting. I do hope you will follow through with the POG/HOG + development as I think this adds so much interest to the sound of an electric guitar. Some of my favorite guitarists i.e. Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jonathan Kriesberg use it incorporated with delays and overdrive to really expand the palate of their guitar tone. Looking forward to these new additions to the Midi Guitar program.

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