Cpu use in MacBookPro, Ableton Live 9 with MG2

I’m using Ableton Live 9 with MG2 in my MacBook Pro. MG2 will normally trigger 2 or 3 pad tracks and 2 or 3 bass/basspad tracs, and 3 drum tracks that I trigger with a midi controller playing loops.

My challenge is that this uses much CPU, and sometimes the sound will cut a splitt second. Anyone knows anything how to change this?

I’m also looking into getting MainStage 3. Anyone knows if it would be better to drop Ableton Live 9 and replace it with MainStage3?

From my experience Mainstage 3 uses huge amounts of CPU, without even being played. So i dont think this would be a good choice.
If you now use buffer=128 in lIve , you’ll have to dropback to buffer=256
Also 2 warnings:

  1. use the VST version of MG: the AU might work too, but less reliable.
  2. Live options menu “delay compensation” should be OFF

(To be complete for all people watching , here is the quickstart )