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Crashing in cubase

Hello. I love the promise of Midi Guitar. I sounds great in standalone mode. My problem is that I am trying to record a song in Cubase Pro 10 and the program crashes everytime i start using Midi Guitar. There is most likely some conflict between the 2 softwares. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, is there a fix? Thanks so much.


Most likely reason: on windows you must disable the ASIO guard function in the audio settings of Cubase.
Steinberg is aware of people on Cubase windows experiencing crashes: we swapped licenses a few months ago, they wanted to look into it. We didn’t hear back from them still.

Thanks Paul. I’ll try that as I have Asio Guard enabled. Hopefully it will help.

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Thanks Paul for the remedy. I had the same problem with Cubase 11 AI, and disabling the ASIO Guard immediately stopped the crashing. Should be something that Steinberg acknowledges and recommends; perhaps you could also put this in your manual since it would eliminate this as a problem from the first go. I’ve been struggling with whether to buy this great software because of the crashing…now there’s no question.