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Create Guitar TAB with String Separation in real-time

This would be an amazing addition to MG3, or even a product on its own! All of us who have created TAB know what a pain it is to manually click and enter each note on the correct string. Logic Pro X creates TAB from MIDI notes, but it has no idea what string you’re playing it on, so it requires you to do extensive editing afterwards. Being able to play a riff or solo live and have it create one accurately (including bends and hammer-ons) would be an incredible gift to guitarist worldwide.

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With Sibelius and a Fishman Tripleplay midi pickup you can do it in real time, as you play along.

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Thanks for letting me know! I wonder if it’s even possible without having a hex pickup.

We are working on a complete auto-tabbing solution :slight_smile:

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Love it!!! Thank you for doing that and for letting me know!

Here’s a performance I did last year from our balcony using your app and a BlueTooth pedal to change instruments in Logic.



Do you know when that might be available?

Love your performance, and the scenery :smiley:

No, after the Roadmap stuff… I think you will see notation-like features gradually being added here and there…

Thank you for the first comment and I agree with you on the second! A 17-year dream of mine to design and build my own home high in the Rocky Mountains. Our bedroom balcony is perfect for making music videos with Meadow Mountain behind me. I also have several down by our stream and waterfalls that you can find on my fb profile under Videos.

Thanks for the quick responses; I really appreciate that. And for all of the excellent work you’re doing!

Yea this is what led me here , i was hoping this would write an accurate score in real time as it is played.

Sounds promising when it’s developed! Lots of manual editing until then.

Will this new tabbing feature allow me to identify the note and string from the MIDI events? Planning to use it for an graphical overlay showing the notes in a virtual neck

Hi Richard
I just watched your excellent and very moving performance on the balcony. I have been struggling to learn keys, not realising there was software out there to allow me to use the guitar! You have opened my eyes and I am very impressed with your performance.