Creating a "volume pedal" for incoming notes?

I was just thinking about MIDI note “volume” from the perspective of a volume pedal as we know it from the guitar world. As it stands now, it doesn’t look like there is a way to map an expression pedal (sending, say, CC 11 or CC 7) to an existing MG3 MIDI machine that would allow that pedal to sweep the “velocity” of the incoming note(s) like a guitar volume pedal, from zero at the bottom all the way up to whatever the incoming velocity was detected at. (The intention here is to be able to send “volume swells” into an Instrument; I’m a big fan of volume swells. Some Instruments have such a capacity within them, but others don’t.) And actually, if one could sweep the incoming note as audio as well as resultant MIDI note velocity, that would be pretty spectacular.

If I’m missing something obvious (or overcomplicating something simple), by all means educate me; I’m happy to learn!

If there isn’t something to lean on immediately, could something like that be added to, say, the Dynamics module?

This might not be exactly what you are looking for but you can insert a “Mute” and “Sweetspot” effect (from the Jam Origin Effects menu). If you add some overdrive to the sweetspot section it starts getting audible when you increase the gain via a pedal.

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Sure, that’s an easy one to add. Right now you can wire the STRIKE and PRESSURE knobs on any synth or on the MIDI output, but I’ll think the reasonable thing to do is to rename the MUTE module to VOLUME, add then make this VOLUME module work on both STRIKE/PRESSURE as well as audio.


Thank you fellas. A couple of ideas I hadn’t thought of–will test it out soon! :slight_smile: