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Cubase 10.5 trouble in daw inputs

Hi all.

Just bought MIDI Guitar 2 and although I’m stoked with it, Ialready have a situation.

I use it in Cubase 10.5 in Windows 10 with various interfaces (From Antelope Orion 32+, Steinberg UR284, Audient iD4, Headrush Gigboard, and even tried in an old M-Audio Fast Track Pro and Line 6 POD X3) and although I can use the stand alone version without problems, when in Cubase I can never get a signal in the plugin. I started with my default routing to different inputs as I split the signal to a dry track and an externally processed one and didn’t show signal, tried the default 1st input in the plugin (BTW is it possible in any way, in the plugin version to select another track in the interface as the input?) and also no signal. Am I missing something very basic or might there be another problem some of you may also have experienced? Also, after inserting the plugin, it does not show in the MIDI input list or in the instrument/MIDI track as input.

Thanks in advance.

first make sure to follow the quickstart at https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/daw/#toggle-id-8
If the ASIO guard is off and the Cubase buffersize is set at 256, this should work.

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Thank you! I will try that as soon as I’m by my studio.

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Well, all is working now but the situation was that the direct monitoring has to be off. I hope it is possible to handle this differently in the future and another thing should be the selection of the hardware routing not be only channel 1 in and channel 1-2 out.But there you go. Other than that, the poliphonic tracking is amazing once you get the parameters set to your play style. Thanks for the tips Paul!

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Hi Guys,

I cannot get signal from de audio channel to the midi/instrument channel. Direct monitoring is off, asio guard is off, buffer size is 256. still no signal to the midi channel…
any tip?