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Cubase 10.5 upgrade as far as I can tell will not work with MIDIGuitar2

Well, I’d delete this if I knew how!

I think I figured out how to get the Audio Track to look for MidiGuitar2 and the VST Track. It was a tricky exploration. I’ll try this out tomorrow and see if it works!

The MIDIGuitar2 is under ‘Other’. If this works I will post the settings up! Again, this is for Cubase 10.5 update.

Cubase surely works with our VST, but in some occasiosn our plugin might get blacklisted, especially when you dont disable the ASIO guard.

Thank you!

After I wrote this, I figured out something to get the MIDIGuitar2 up on the audio track (‘Other’) after all. I was going to come into this post and delete it. I think I got MIDIGuitar2 on the Audio Track and the VST Track! I have to try it out tomorrow to know for sure though.

Well here are some visuals of what I’m doing MIDIGuitar2 … and on Cubase 10.5 … it’s not working as of yet.

1st image audio track
2nd image VST instrument

I’ll look to see if I can disable ASIO ‘guard’ and see if this whole thing will work.

Hi, I am currently using MG2 with cubase 10.5 pro and I encounter no problem whatsoever. I just create an audio track with MG2 as an insert effect, then I create an instrument track with MG2 as midi input source and it works, wihout having to sorry about asio guard.
Windows 10 64 bits Intel core i7 16gb ram


To the point. Will try again of course!