Cubase 10 Chord Pad Activation using MG

MG is wonderful, but for composing I like to start with Cubase 10 Chord Pads, then a Chord Track and suchlike. My question is how can I get Cubase to use the live midi from MG VST plugin to trigger Chord Pads? Sure, my little novation keyboard works fine, but I cant find a way to get MG midi to be a midi controller. Any ideas out there? Maybe I’m just wanting a creative route that is not possible!

I’m not familiar with the chord pad feature, but here some general info:

The normal midi to track routing using the MG plugin, doesn’t reach modules of DAW’s that expect an external midi keyboard.
On macos it is easy to run the MG standalone with virtual midi output port: this will work just as external midi keyboard with a DAW: enabled midi input from MG will then enable MG as a midi keyboard.
Regrettably on windows, MG standalone via virtual midi is error prone because of ASIO often permitting only 1 connected app. if you want to try neverheless, use loopMIDI

Thanks so much. I’m using Mac, so I’ll try the route you suggested and get back with an answer soon when I’m back in front of my DAW!