Cubase 10 Pro puts Midi Guitar 2 on Blacklist (repeatedly)

Maybe someone has an idea how to stop this behaviour?
I’m using Midi Guitar 2 (latest version) as VST inside Cubase Pro 10.4. (Windows 7, latest Updates)
It works pretty good.
But I had to reactivate the plug in now for the third time.

I have a project here, where I used Midi guitar as send to several instruments (only one at the time!), recorded the midi stuff and all fine. After saving Cubase crashed.
And after restarting Cubase a message appeared the the Midi Guitar plugin could not be found.
Cubase had put in on the blacklist (again). So after reactivating it’s there again.
What makes me wonder ist the fact, that Cubase does not respect the decision that it has to stay white listed. Which is a bit annoying.

So is there any idea to stop this behaviour?
Btw. I had the Asio guard deactivated, when this happened.

that is certainly annoying.
The crashes must be triggering this situation. But why does Cubase crash after saving?
Try switch off live monitoring of MG before you save, maybe it crashes after the saving when it reinitialises.

Thanks Paul,

I will try to do so and keep an eye on what happens (if it happens next)

Hy there, I have been experiencing the same problem with MG2 as a plugin in cubase 10.40 Artist.

Now and then MG2 blacklisted by cubase and I have to reactivate it. After a while, it is blacklisted again…

Even when it is not blacklisted, it sometimes causes Cubase to crash and I think therefore there is something that Cubase does not like with MG2 but I never further information about it…

It’s a pity cause using MG2 as a plugin inside Cubase is the most convenient way to change instruments on the fly and seamlessly in a live situation.

So I would also be interested in any information about that issue.

the people of Steinberg are looking into it, they got our plugin 10 days ago. No feedback untill now. We’ll keep you posted here.

Thanks Paul, I hope we shall find a fix

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Paul, also a thanks from here
Good luck to us

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My Midi Guitar 2 plugin is not backlisted by Cubase 10 Pro. Maybe because I only use the 64 bits plugin ? (All 32 bits plugins are blacklisted by Cubase since version V9.0 or V9.5)

I only use the 64 bits version or MG2 and it is repeatedly blacklisted nevertheless, and it sometimes causes cubase to crash. Appart from that it works fine most of the time.

Same here, using the 64 bit version exclusively with Cubase 10 pro

Well I have yo Say that I haven’t experienced any cubase crash due yo MG2 for some Time now. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I have encountered no problem until now

Hi there, did anyone manage to find what is causing it and resolve it? I have been experiencing the same issue for some time and tried EVERYTHING but no luck. I thought upgrading to Cubase 10 would solve it it but it did not and I experience the same issue. I contacted Steinberg also but they are saying there is no issue their end. I am not sure how to progress with this. Any suggestion would be welcome. Many thanks, Jules

Do you use windows 10 or Windows 7? As I already said, I have encountered no such problem since I migrated to Windows 10.

Hi Manu, thanks for your feedback. I previously saw you advised switching to Windows 10 (I use W7 currently) solved the issue for you. Whilst it is an option I can look at in the future, I was hoping there could be another possible reason that would save me from having to change my system, particularly as Jam Origin mentions on their website that Midi Guitar is fully compatible with W7. I previously tried to reach out to them about it but never got any response :frowning:

Sorry for any frustrations we may cause…

We haven’t been able to reproduce this previously and therefore we also had no idea how to fix it currently. It might be an issue that only arise under Win7 or other external factors that are difficult to pinpoint.

Probably the best way forward is that we try to hurry up with a new major update which use the newer VST3 frameworks from Steinberg. It’s been long on the way and overdue, but there is still a lot for us to do there. But I can guarantee that this will work. Until then you might have to use loopMidi with the MG standalone or something like that.

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Thanks for your feedback. Are you able to give me an indication as to when this may be released. I won’t hold it against you :slight_smile: but at least it will give me an idea. Thanks

Thanks a lot, JamO

I’m looking forward to the update and the VST3

Hi JamO, do we know when the next update released date will be? Many thanks, Julien

Sorry, we don’t. Do you also experience blacklisting?
Many are still using Cubase, so this issue is beyond me.

I still experience blacklisting and I am using Cubase.
So I guess there won’t be a JO update anytime soon?